Mizuno Pro Select Series Fastpitch 34.5" Catcher's Mitt

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Mizuno Pro Select combines the rich heritage of the Mizuno Pro series with advanced glove scans of hundreds of top players to create pocket designs tailored specifically to each position and how players prefer to break-in their glove. This unique approach to glove design allows for all players to shape their glove like a pro for an incredibly natural fit and feel. Made with top-quality US Steerhide leather that is firm, incredibly durable, and will form to your hand perfectly as you break it in. Featuring a protective thumb guard, professional patterns designed for the best players in the world, and an UltraSoft Pro Palm Liner for an unmatched feel that makes Pro Select such a highly-rated mitt choice.

US Steerhide Leather: Premium US Steerhide is firm and built to hold up to the rigors of a full season.
Gender Engineered: Mizuno's engineering philosophy to maximize performance by tailoring products to meet the needs of the female athlete
Thumb Protector
Roll Welting: Provides a cleaner look and stability through the fingers.
UltraSoft Palm Liner: Palm liner with excellent feeling and a soft finish.
PowerLock: Provides the quickest and most secure fit available.